Project Overview

Securing Water Storage For Our Future

The Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project came about as the result of a growing demand for water in Colorado’s Front Range and on northeast Colorado farms. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) determined Chatfield Reservoir can accommodate an additional 20,600 acre feet of water storage for water supply without compromising its flood control function. This additional storage space will be used by municipal and agricultural water providers to help meet the diverse needs of the state.

Project participants will undertake recreational modifications and environmental mitigations at Chatfield State Park to address the impacts of additional water storage.

Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project Video

For a quick overview of the Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project, please watch the short film posted here. It provides a summary of the project history, purpose and need. It also provides a brief explanation on the planned environmental pool, who the participating entities are, and the proposed recreational and environmental modifications needed to accommodate the additional water storage within the reservoir.

For more information, view our technical resources.

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